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Abiye, Daniel
Issue Date: 20-Nov-2012
Publisher: aau
Abstract: When we go back into the history of socialist countries we find that at the birth of socialism9 during the transition period~ literature had a vital role to play. To be more precise9 the socialist realist method contributed to the coming of socialism. This socialist realist method~ filled with optimism9 was committed to the working class. Many countries in the African continent are now going through a transition period towards socialism. A transition period9 as stated above~ is a very important period in which the African writer has a great role to play to hasten the coming of socialism. So far~ most African writers~ using the critical realist method~ have only gone as far as merely depicting society. Society in turn, has been presented in a deteriorating state. Apart from thiss no place has been given for the optimistic rising class the working class. Learning from the experience of socialist writers, a new African writer is emerging. Ngugi9 taken as an examplei has been greatly influenced by Gorky's Mothers a socialist realist novel. Furthermores as the African writer is living in a transition period. he is working towards socialism. This indicates that the socialist realist method has some implications that are useful to the African writer. These implications will help the African writer as a means for the advancement of social isms which in turn~ will improve the African novel.
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