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Title: Mesqan folktales:A contribution to the documentation of the Mesqan language
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Ronny Meyer (PHD
Issue Date: 16-Nov-2012
Publisher: aau
Abstract: The Mesqan are one of the diverse Ethno-linguistic clusters in Ethiopia whose language and oral traditions are not well -studied. So in order to fill such a gap I select 14 folktales and document it. The concept of documentary linguistics introduced to our notion presently it meant that production of a lasting, multipurpose record of a language. In order to meet such results, I collect about 55 folktales from 7 informants, of 60 minute by means of audio and video recording. Then I employed different software to digitalize it .These are audio and video converter, audacity, virtual-dab, praat and elan Lastly, using these selected folktales and other linguistic data I understand same grammatical skeleton of the language. Some of these sketches were described in previous studies, but some are described by the researcher. As a result of this I learned that Mesqan doesn’t have number marker. In conclusion, the target of this study is documenting Mesqan speech events and based on this to provide a grammatical sketch of the language. Few B.A students of Addis Ababa University and some foreign scholars have already studied some linguistic features . However, these studies do not provide a full description of the language. So this one fill some gap too.
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