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Assesement of project Implementation Challenges at Balezaf Coal Fird Boiler project

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dc.contributor.advisor Mekonnen, Worku(PhD)
dc.contributor.author Yisehak, Yilma
dc.date.accessioned 2019-04-19T07:51:45Z
dc.date.available 2019-04-19T07:51:45Z
dc.date.issued 2018-11-20
dc.identifier.uri http://localhost:80/xmlui/handle/123456789/18066
dc.description.abstract To Comply With Regulatory Requirement And Enhance Service Delivery To Its Customers,Balezaf Alcohols And Liquors Factory Was Engaged In Conducting Expansion Projects.Among Them Coal Fired Boiler Is Enumerable And Thought To Supply Steam Energy At Cheap Price Using Local Coal As Fiel; However Due To Different Hindering Challenges The Company Ambition Couldn’tcome True.From This Business Ambititon Gap,The Researcher Initiated With General Objective Of The Study To Make Implementation Challenges Visible That Were Faced By Balezaf Moreover It Recommended Means That Will Solve Problem At Hand Prevent Future Occurrence Of The Given Challenges In Balezaf As Well As In Other Project Endeavors. Specifically. The Study Sought To Achieve The Four Objectives. The Given Study Followed Inductive Descriptive Type Of Research And Used Both Primary And Secondary Data Obtained Through Two Avenues,I.E.Desk Interview And Structured Questionnaire.The Questionnaire Contains Both Open Ended Questions And Rating Using Likert Scale Choice Range From 1 To 5 (Strongly Disagree To Strongly Agree).To Have Better Representation Of Respondents And To Get Reasonable Feedback Non-Probability Purposive Sampling Technique Used They Were Grouped In Three I.E. Top Management,,Project Practitioners And External Stakeholders,By Giving Quota Of 5, 15 And 5 Respectively And Totaling 25 Due To Smaller Project Tsize. The Respondents Were Carfully Seleceted By Considering Their Education, Experience And Frequency Of Development In Project Environment. All Members Of Coal Fires Boiler Project Members, Project Practitioners And Key External Stakeholders Taken As Sample. After Collection Of Necessary Data ,Reliability Test Was Conducted To Check The Consistency Of Respondent’s Feedback The Result Shows Crombach’s Alpha Value Between(0.7<A<0.8). The Collected Data Through Astructured Questionnaire Was Analyzed Using Descriptive Statistics And Relative Important Index To Rank Different Challenges. The Strength Of The Resultant Relationships, Between The Variables ,Was Tested Using Parametric Statistical Methods Such As Correlation Analysis Coefficient.Then It Was Found That There Were Four Critical Challenges Which Were Obtained After Careful Analysis Of Data From .SPSS Using Questionnaire Response. These Challenges Were Poorly Defines Scopes And Goals Based On None Realistic Data, Improper Addressing Of Project Risks, In Effective Communication Among Project Stakeholders And None Or Unclear Assignment Of Permanent Head Count Project Manager. In Addition To These,Other Challenges, Like Insufficicient Support And Follow-Up From Top Management, Team Structure And Insufficient Resource Were Assessed And Had Low Effect. The Study Concluded With,Overall Results Indicate Respondents Were Not Satisfied With Project Implementation Process With Acomposite Mean Of 1.76 Out Of A Possible 5. This Implies That Project Implementation In Boiler Project Was Not Coordinated And Ied By Competent Project Management ;Due To This ,The Company Is Bounded By Cost And Time Overruns That Need Streamlining To Enhance Satisfaction. Therefore,To Make The Boiler Operational The Project Leaders Should Find Alternative Fuel Source,Try To Investigate Ways To Wash Out Soil Particles From Local Coal In Collaboration With Cool Suppliers And Other Consumers Find Other Coal Sites And Facilitate Logistics By Considering Future Benefit Of Loval Coal And Expected Expense. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Addis Ababa University en_US
dc.subject Project management en_US
dc.subject project implementation en_US
dc.subject Challenges success factors en_US
dc.title Assesement of project Implementation Challenges at Balezaf Coal Fird Boiler project en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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