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  • Yehu Gurmu, Alema; G/Tsadik, Abebe (Phd) (AAU, 2000-01)
    This thesis attempts to investigate and explain the word-formation processes of Kistantiiiia, one of the Ethio-Semitic languages. The issues raised are nominali zation, verbalization, adj ecti vization, reduplication and ...
  • Nesha, Abdulfetah (AAU, 2011-06)
    This thesis attempts to describe the major word formation processes in Kafi Noonoo. Most Kafi Noonoo words are formed by two word form a tion processes, i.e. affixation or compou ndin g, and only some words by reduplication ...
  • Negassa, Temeagen (Addis Ababa University, 1993-06)
    W.rd f.rmati.n is a ~.ce.s of cre~tin9 neww.rds fr •• existing •••••• Deriyat1.n &allc:eapeundlDt are the _st c-.n prec••••• et werd f.rm.ti.n. :In this .twly, an atteapt is .ade t. d.scri»e sueh weN f.r •• ti.n processes ...
  • Dilnesaw, Abraham (Addis Ababa University, 2003-06)
    There are several word formation processes, in Oyda. What they all have in common is that they take an existing base and produce a new form.It is investigated that only nominals, verbals and adjectivals can be used as ...
  • Asscfa, Zinawork (Addis Ababa Universiy, 2012-10)
    This study is an attempts made to discuss Zar expressions in Arsi Farak'asa of Oro mo. The expressions include verbal and non verbal expressions. The non-verbal expressions are objects of symbolic representation which ...
  • Yimer, Teshome (Addis Ababa University, 1999-06)

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