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Title: Extraction, Characterization and Optimization of Banana Trunk Fiber
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Abubeker Yimam (PhD)
Milkiyas, Dandesa
Keywords: Banana Trunk Fiber;Characterization;Optimization;Extraction process
Issue Date: 13-Nov-2016
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Banana plants do not only give delicious fruit but it can also provide banana fiber. Production of natural fiber is expected to increase because their production mostly centered on environmental friendly process and renewable. As a result production of natural fiber to satisfy the needs could take advantage over the synthetic fiber production in this regard. This study aimed at production, characterization and optimization of further process ability and mechanical property performance improvement of mechanically extracted banana fiber. So the final outcome of the research is to produce high quality banana trunk fiber which can be used in different sectors. The fiber is extracted manually by mechanical process. This is because of the fiber extracted mechanically was found to be appropriate for yarn spinning and knitting, have better color and tensile properties as well as the process is time conserving. The fiber obtained was treated with 0.1M, 0.3M and 0.5M of NaOH for different treatment time duration of 30min, 45min and 60min at the temperature of 300c, 600c and 900c. The fiber is treated with different concentration of chemical such bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide(5%) and lubricants such as castor oil (10%), sodium silicate(10%), soap(10%) and acetic acid(10%). Three parameters of treatment which are temperature, time and concentration was investigated. The effect of each parameter on the mechanical properties of the fiber was studied carefully by keeping the two other constant during treatment. In this study the obtained fiber is standardized (conditioned) at 200c and relative humidity of 60% for 24hr according to the standard method before the tensile test for textile fiber to ensure environmental equilibrium moisture content. The linear density of the banana fiber is determined for treated and non-treated using ASTM-D-6612 by putting 200mm of or both treated and untreated banana fiber in linear density measuring device. The linear density of untreated banana fiber is found to be 9.00Ne while for treated bleached and lubricated banana fiber is found as 26.80Ne. Finally the fiber was tested for its strength and other properties using yarn testing machine TEXTECHNO STATIMAT ME+ BY using ASTM: D -3822-07(ISO2062-500). It is found that treated banana fiber at a temperature of 900c with 0.3M of NaOH for 60minute produced the best quality and superior property in terms of tensile properties such as elongation, maximum force, work to break tenacity and time to break.
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