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Title: Production, Optimization and Characterization of Iron Sulfate from Local Iron Ore
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Abubeker Yimam (PhD)
Birhan, Getachew
Keywords: Production;Iron Sulfate;Iron Ore
Issue Date: Jul-2017
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Iron sulfate has a diversified uses in agriculture, chemical industries and waste water treatment plants. Although Ethiopia has a huge deposits of iron ore. Therefore, this study investigates the potential of the country to produce iron sulfate from local iron ore and sulfuric acid. Iron samples has been taken from two ores namely Horu Guduru and Melkasedi in Oromia regional state characterized, 77% and 66% weight based iron oxide composition obtained from Horu Guduru and Melkasedi respectively. The sample from high iron oxide composition ore, Horu Guduru was reacted with sulfuric acid and hydro chloric acid subsequently by varying three process variables: temperature, reaction time and particle size. From the analysis the optimum iron sulfate yield obtained is 97.75% at temperature of (75oC), reaction time 60 min and particle size 1.00(which is <0.125mm) . Lastly, after iron sulfate characterization its production economics evaluated. The total investment cost of the project is estimated to be 1,830,822 birr. The project is financially viable with an internal rate of return (IRR) of 17.68 % and a Net annual profit of Birr 6,144,677.5birr/yr, at discounted rate of 10%. From the result, it is possible to conclude that establishment of such factory in the country saves foreign exchange, contributes for the economy, creates job opportunities, assures product availability and enhances input and output chain in the country.
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