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Title: Ethiopian women labor emigrants to the middle east: perceived causes, social influence, and level of readiness
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Belay Tefera (Dr)
Gebeyehu, Beyene
Keywords: Ethiopian women labor emigrants to the middle east:
Issue Date: Jun-2007
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Researchers and scholars windshield have substantively asserted that economic factor is the main cause for labor migration. Even though this is an undetectable and is the central cause of migration, the contribution of social pressures for migration was not given due emphasis in chesterfields of study and research. It was assumed that diverse social influences could account for the migration of Ethiopian women labor to the Middle East. The primly concern of this study was therefore to asses the perceived causes, social influence and level o./readiness 0/ Ethiopian women labor Emigrants to the Middle East. To this end, descriptive survey method was employed. The data was gathered Fom 312 emigrants facilita ting their process of migration at MOLSA and legal private employment agents. In order to select the required sample, availability and simple random sampling techniques were utilized. Questionnaire and focus group discussions were the principal data gathering instruments. The data was analyzed by the help of percentage, weighted mean score, one sample t- test, one way ANOVA and Scheme 's post hoe comparison. The investigation has shown that it was difficult to tell the attitudes of the emigrants towards the job to be performed, the culture, employers, language and to do in Middle East. However, observation at each factors of altitude indicated that they have unfavorable predisposition towards essential altitude objects. On the other hand, Emigrants have no adequate knowledge and were not ready with respect to language of communication at destination country. This will create communication barrier with the employer and have an adverse e.for the overall adjustment of the Emigrant and in promoting safe migration. Their skill for the work to be pelformed and Iheir readiness with respect 10 the values and norms of religion, dressing style and eating cultural food were found to be poor. But they know the difficulty level of the job and abused Ethiopian returnees. All these indicated the presence of some inducement Fom the society for their migration. Emigrants have ample and diverse information both at destination and countably of origin. Family, kin group and Fiends both al origin and destination county and legal agents Form country of origin are their main source of information. This shows that they have firm social nefl.cork established at sending and receiving country. They have also different friends, families and relatives living in Middle East and have established channel by the help of different media of communication. Therefore, it is possible to draw that diverse social network subject the Emigrants to some form of social influence. t As indicated above, bindings have displayed the possible presence of social influence for Ethiopian women migration. As per the endeavor made to detect the form of social influence, obedience-a change of behavior due to the direct commands 0/ others, did not take a significant role for migration. However, the presence of compliance - e./Jort to get others to say yes to various request and conformity- yielding to group pressure to act as everyone else does, even when no direct request has been made, are the major identified forms of social influence for their migration. Hence, in addition tocon/ormity, the provocation, initiation and convincing o./the society have a remarkable contribution for the migration of Ethiopian women labor Emigrants to the Middle East. Religion and educational status are variables that have shown a significant mean difference Across the majority of the identified dependent variables however, the reverse is true for age and residence.
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