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Title: Effect of Marble Chips Filler on Hot Mix Asphalt Performance
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Michael, Aseged
Keywords: Hot Mix Asphalt Performance;Marble Chips Filler;Filler;Film Thickness;Moisture Susceptibility;Marshall Mix Design;Economic Analysis
Issue Date: May-2017
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Hot Asphalt Mixtures (HMA) is particulate composite material consisting of mineral aggregates, asphalt binder and air voids. Asphalt binder is considered as the most expensive and economically variable material. In road construction, different kinds of alternative materials are used for different purpose. Among them the very common are crushed concrete, crushed glass fines, rubber modifiers, plastic modifiers and different type of fillers. These materials have their own drawbacks such as high cost, availability (recycled by their own sector) and ease for use. The use of locally available materials in road construction is a key part in road construction. Hot Mix Asphalt is composed of Aggregates, Bitumen and Fillers. For Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA), fillers play a crucial role in the mix strength. This study evaluates the effects locally available filler, Marble Chips, have on HMA as compared to the conventional crushed fillers. The Marble Chips are used separately and blended with crushed filler at different percentages (0, 4, 5.5 and 7.5 percent). The study will make use of Marshall Method of mix design to evaluate the volumetric properties as well as film thickness and try to determine the moisture susceptibility of the mix. The research concludes that all mixes prepared satisfy all the criteria of the Marshall Mix design requirements set in ERA 2013 PDM except for a marginally lower Stability values. An optimum Marble chips content of 4 – 5.5% was also determined. The economic analysis also showed an 8 – 10 percent birr/m2 saving in the production of Asphalt concrete.
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