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Title: Assessment of Reported Road Traffic Crash in Kolfe Keranyo Sub city, Addis Ababa
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Getu Segni (PhD)
Mahlet, Geremew
Keywords: Road Traffic Crash;Kolfe Keranyo Sub city;Safety
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Safety is the timely issue of the road transport sector due to high frequency and severity of Road traffic crashes. The world health organization report shows 1.2 million People are killed and 50 million injured annually in road crashes worldwide. In Ethiopia, the age standardized death rate is 20 per 100,000 population taking the 68th rank in the world as per the crash fatality. Road traffic crash accounts for 2.50% of the top fifty causes of deaths in the country. The road user, the vehicle and the environmental factors to varying degree affect the crash rate and severity. Integrated solutions need to be studied to bring about safe and efficient functioning of the road system. Based on this, different Injury analysis are studied by different researchers around the world. The police-reported crash data of Kolfe Keranyo for four years (July 2012 -June 2016), consisting of 173 fatal, 1060 serious injury, 1064 slight injury and 4723 property damage crashes was used as a basic input for this study. The injury severity is examined as a function of range of explanatory variables available in the daily record. The explanatory variables considered for the analysis include driver and victim demographic characteristics, roadway features, land use and vehicle characteristics. The assessment on severity of crashes is based on descriptive analysis and multinomial logistic regression model. The descriptive statistics is prepared using the distribution of crash severity level with each explanatory variables. The multinomial regression was done using SPSS software by taking property damage crashes as a reference category. The result of this study implies that severity of crashes increase with male young drivers (18-30) of primary education; non-owners; low driving experience; presence of intersections and raised median; downhill and level topography; dry asphalt paved road surface; during good weather condition and older commercial vehicles. Fatality also increases with darkness; over the weekend; involving heavy vehicles like trucks and buses; residential and institutional land use. Young and old, male pedestrians to be the most victimized groups. Black spot analysis was conducted on the road segments and intersections of the sub city using crash frequency, crash rate and severity index from the four years crash data. The result of the black spots analysis show Ayer Tena (China Camp), karakore, Alembank and Weira- Bethel road segments are identified to have the leading rank of crashes. The roundabouts at Zenebwork, Ayertena and 18 mazoria are the top ranked intersections with high fatality. These output illustrate crash severity and identify areas to consider when planning programs, policies, and countermeasures to make difference in reduction of crashes. This research also helps to identify important factors and support further studies on the issue of road traffic safety.
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