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Title: Research title- Students’ perspectives towardspoor performance in mid-level health professional’s national licensing exams
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Dr. Euson (University of Toronto)
Assegid Samuel
Keywords: professional’s national licensing exams
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Publisher: AAU 2016
Abstract: In our modern era, sustained competitive advantage of a country in general and an organization in particular,relies primarily on trained, skilled and competent human resources. In order to meet the pressing demand for trained and competent manpower, the issue of licensing assessment has paramount importance to promote social, economic, and political development of a nation. In order to create a competent, motivated, and innovative work force the system of occupational competency assessment plays a tremendous role . In Addis Ababa the occupational competency assessment process has been underway since 2008.The results of the candidates from various occupations have been recorded since then. The recorded evidence shows that among the candidates assessed as a whole, the number of candidates who were found to be competent is very low. Out of 59,746 candidates assessed so far, only 10,163 (17.01%) were found to be competent. Out of 3037 assessed in 2012 only 902 (29.7%) were competent. (Annual Reports to FTVET 2012) These figures clearly indicate that many candidates fail national licensing examination and it shows how serious the problem is. It is therefore, crucial to know the perspectives of students towards poor performance in the licensing exam.
Description: Research Report on the partial fulfillment of the postgraduate program in Medical/health sciences education
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