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Title: Evaluation of Road and Light Rail Integration In Planning, Construction, Operation and Management (Case Study Addis Ababa City)
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Alemayehu Ambo (PhD)
Yitref, Derbie
Keywords: Operation and Management;Light Rail Integration;Construction;Planning
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Integrated transportation system is essential that shapes urban form effecting economic well-being and is a primary determinant of cities’ environmental, financial and social sustainability and it is a tool for movement of people, goods and services. Due to this and other reasons, integrating different types of transportation modes is important and paramount. This paper mainly focuses on the evaluation of the integration between Road and LRT transport system in Addis Ababa. It assesses the actual conditions and integration of the two sectors in Planning, construction, operation and management. To achieve the objectives of this study, different documents were examined and semi-structured interviews had been carried out and analyzed using exploratory method. Due to relevance and purposefulness, interviewees were selected from MoT, AACRA, ERC, and AALRT project and sector offices based on their positions, and educational relevance and professional experiences. In addition, observations had been made to the road and LRT construction sites to oversee the physical conditions. The study has identified weak integration between the road and railway offices, unable to prepare integrated short-term and long-term plan of road and LRT, unable to prepare thoroughly studied and acceptable master plan of road and LRT network, lack of vision based on today’s infrastructural implementation, absence of experiences and inadequacies in trained professionals related to the problem. Based on the findings of the research, recommendations have been forwarded to pertinent governmental offices. In addition, further research areas for other interested researchers have been suggested.
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