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Title: Traffic Control Methods and Safety Assurance at ‘Sebategna’ Area –Level Crossing
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Yalemzewd Negash (PhD)
Tesfu, Alemu
Keywords: Traffic Control;Safety Assurance;Addis-Abeba Light Rail Transit;Level Crossing
Issue Date: Apr-2015
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Today railway transportation is one of the modern and basic transportation systems in developed countries due to its mass transportation system. But, rail-road level crossing related accidents are more dangerous than other transportation accidents in terms of loss of human life, injury, damage to railway property, severity and death rate etc. and there still remain level crossings requiring improvements. Since our country’s railway system is modern type of railway system, this thesis assesses the modern type of traffic control systems that are used at level crossing in order to reduce the fatal accidents that could occur at these conflicting places in general and the ‘Sebategna’ area level crossing of the Addiss-Abeba Light Rail Transit (AA-LRT) in particular depending on the experiences of developed countries that use modern railway transportation. The main parameter in traffic control at level crossing is sight distance of a train from road users. So, various elements that have effects on determining the sight distance are stated, various mathematical equations of sight distances at different states of the road users are established depending on the stated elements, and particularly the sight distances for different road users of the ‘Sebategna’ area level crossing i.e. position of control sensors and distance of the block sections near the level crossing are determined, appropriate traffic control systems i.e. signals, signs and road markings are selected and displayed graphically using AutoCAD software. The results of this thesis shows carefully selected fail-safe type of active control systems along with signs and road markings is necessary in order to achieve safe, reliable, and efficient traffic control and safety assurance at the ‘Sebategna’ area level crossing. So, this thesis can help to the Ethiopian Railway Corporation and other sectors as an instrument in designing traffic control systems at level crossings.
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