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Title: Maintenance Guideline for Railway Concrete Bridges to the Ethiopian practice
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Asnake Adamu (PhD)
Shalom, Ashuro
Keywords: rehabilitation;maintenance;Railway;bridges;guideline;standards
Issue Date: Jan-2015
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: To perform any Engineering activity there should be a binding standard guideline with in one country. Ethiopia has established codes and guidelines for different Engineering design and construction which includes the Ethiopian Building Codes of Standards, for design and construction of buildings, Ethiopian Roads Authority manuals for design and construction of Highways and Bridges and also Addis Ababa City Roads Manuals for design and construction of urban roads and bridges. Now days the country is constructing vast railways in Addis Ababa and at federal level connecting the various regional states to each other and to neighboring countries. These constructions are handled mainly by foreign Contractors who make use of their own codes of standards, which may not account the local condition and the cultural makeup of our society. Thus, Ethiopia should have its own guidelines for the design, construction and maintenance of Railway system. Bridge is one of the major components of railway system. This thesis will be concerned on assessment of governing guideline for maintenance of Railway Bridge. This guideline may be set up using detailed studies on geologic, topographic, weather, environmental, economic, social and cultural conditions of the country. Specifically concerning the bridge; Loading condition on the bridge, traffic volume, frequency of loading, type of bridge length of span, methodology during design and construction of bridges, track type based on number of track, tack type based on load transferring and bearing components, seismic events of the area will be considered to adapt the appropriate maintenance guideline to Ethiopian Railway Bridges. Therefore, the study will be concerned with preparation of the best guidelines of maintenance and rehabilitation Railway Bridges by incorporating the practice and experience of other countries.
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