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Title: Selection of Maintenance Strategy for Light Rail Transit by Using AHP Algorithm
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Daniel Kitaw (PhD)
Muluken, Assefa
Keywords: Maintenance;Light Rail Transit;AHP Algorithm
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Maintenance has infinite number of functions and its strategic formulation needs infinite number of factors. This kind of multi criteria problems should be handled by multi criteria decision making process. Therefore, the main objective of this research is identifying key maintenance factors and then model maintenance strategy with AHP to select the possible priorities of maintenance strategy by using expert decision method. Selection of efficient maintenance strategy can be achieved by pairwise comparison of the identified functions. This qualitative survey assessed the opinion of maintenance professionals (11 personals) and rolling stock manufacturing & design experts (7 personals) at METEC locomotive division to select the maintenance system. The research method comprises identification of maintenance factors and suggestion of possible maintenance strategies. AHP analysis shows that safety (38.2%) become the highest priority of LRT system. value added (20%), implementation cost (13.2%), support system integration (11.5%), and implementation capability (8.2%), performance measurement (5%) and stock & material management (3.9%) are the succeeding priority factors on implementing maintenance system. The analysis discovered that total productive maintenance is the most suitable strategy to be implemented for LRT system and corrective maintenance is the least to follow. Sensetivity and sanity is checked for the input data to the software. Introducatory step for implementation of TPM is proposed for LRT system . Finally the bigest contribution of this thesis is an application of the AHP algorithm, which is one of multi criterea decission method for selection of maintenance strategy instead of traditional way of selecting “ based on experience method” in Ethiopian industries.
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