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Title: Antihypertensive activity of aerial parts of satureja punctata (benth.) briq. (lamiaceae)
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Dr. Ariaya Hymete,
Dr. Mariamawit Yonathan
Prof. Wendemagegn Mammo
Debabe Hika
Keywords: Antihypertensive
Issue Date: Oct-2017
Publisher: AAU 2015
Abstract: Antihypertensive activity of aerial parts of S. puctata (Benth.) Briq. Debabe Hika Addis Ababa University, 2015 Satureja punctata Benth. Briq. (Lamiaceae) locally known as ‘‘Lomishet’’ is among the plants used in Ethiopian traditional medicine for the treatment of various diseases including hypertension. The current study aimed at evaluating the antihypertensive activity of the decoction of the aerial parts of this medicinal plant in guinea model of hypertension and its vasorelaxant effect on isolated aorta. Acute hypertension was induced by surgical procedures involving clamping of the left renal artery and blood pressure was recorded invasively by direct cannulation method from the right common carotid artery. Intravenous administration of the decoction at doses of 10, 20 and 30 mg/kg caused 13.66 ± 0.27, 34.35 ± 0.33, 45.78 ± 0.23% (n=6) fall in (p < 0.01) MABP, respectively, in normotensive guinea pig and a respective fall of 16.02 ± 0.28, 38.52 ± 0.50, 52.07 ± 0.42 % (n=6) (p < 0.01) MABP in renovascular hypertensive guinea pig. The decoction also caused a dose-dependent relaxation of aorta precontracted with KCl at a concentration of 2.5- 40 mg/ml, with a maximum relaxation of 98.19 % achieved at 40 mg/ml. Preparative reversed-phase HPLC analyses of the aerial part decoction of S. punctata resulted in isolation of two phenolic compounds, rosmarinic acid and linarin. The structures of these compounds were elucidated by utilization of spectroscopic techniques, i.e., MS, UV, IR, 1D, and 2D NMR. Further, rosmarinic acid showed significant (p<0.01) reduction of MABP by 8.14 ± 0.27, 15.79 ± 0.33 and 31.78 ± 0.64 % (n = 6) at doses of 0.75, 1.5 and 3 mg/kg, respectively, in normotensive guinea pig. The findings of this study suggest that the aerial partsof S. punctata have genuine antihypertensive activity.
Description: A Thesis Submitted to the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Pharmacognosy
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