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Title: Assessment of the Local Distribution and Socio-economic Impacts of Striga Hermonthica (Delile) Benth. (Scrophulariaceae) in Dejen Woreda (Abay Gorge) East Gojjam Zone Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Dr. Bikila Warkineh
Belay, Minwyelet
Keywords: Dejen Woreda (Abay Gorge);Invasive Alien Species;Striga Hermonthica;Local Distribution;Socio-economic Impact
Issue Date: Aug-2017
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: This study is conducted to assess the local distribution of Striga hermonthica and to find out its socio- economic impacts in Dejen Woreda (Abay gorge) East Gojjam Zone.The study was mainly initiated because Striga hermonthica is a challenge for food security in the study area. For this study data were collected through observation, information obtained from farmer and agricultural expert respondents. The tool used was questionnaires. To fill these questionnaires 100 farmer household respondents were selected purposively from elders and farmers renowned for their agricultural performance within the district, and 15 agricultural expert respondents were also involved. The study revealed that Striga hermonthica is highly distributed in the farmlands of the study area. And its infestation is inversely proportional to the soil fertility of the study area. This meanse as the soil fertility decreases Striga hermonthica infestation becomes high.This is confirmed from the response of farmers on crop yield obtained from Striga infested and non-infested cropland. Farmlands which are infested with Striga have shown a decrease in crop yield. This causes food insecurity of the local people. To alIeviate this problem it is recommended that seed which is not contaminated by Striga and fertilizer should be provided to farmers, Woreda agricultural experts should make clear the various mechanisms of Striga dissemination and control to the farmers, the Woreda agricultural office and administrative office should work in coordination to find NGOs that can provide Striga control products to the farmers and finally it is recommended that the woreda health office should educate the local people to limit their family.
Description: A thesis submitted to the School of Graduate Studies of Addis Ababa University inPartial fulfillment of the Requirementsfor the Degree of Master of Biology.
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