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Title: Assessment of knowledge and associated factors regarding colostomy care among staff nurses working in surgical, icu and oncology units at selected public hospitals, Addis Ababa, ethiopia,2017.
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Nadia Worede (BSC, MSC)
Berhanu Wordofa(BSC, MSC)
Tensae Geleta
Keywords: Colostomy care, Staff nurses, Knowledge
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: AAU 2017
Abstract: Background:Colostomy is a stoma which is formed after removing the large bowel or colon and is opening in the abdominal wall that’s made during surgery. The care of patients with colostomy is a complex, challenging and lengthy process. Nurses who care for colostomy must have knowledge and skills to carry out the procedures with safety and precision. Objective: To assess knowledge and associated factors regarding colostomy care among Nurses working in Surgical, ICU and Oncology Units at selected public hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2017. Methods: Institutional based quantitative cross-sectional study design was conducted in surgical wards, intensive care and oncology units of the five randomly selected public hospitals in Addis Ababa from March 15 to April 30, 2017. Simple random sampling technique deployed using structured self-administered questionnaire. Data was entered into Epi-data version 7 and exported into SPSS versions 20.0 for analysis. Descriptive statistics including, frequencies, proportion, mean and standard deviation was demonstrated by using tables, graphs and texts. Bivariate and multi-variate logistic regression analysis was computed considering p<0.05 to be statistically significant. Results: Overall 51.3% have a good knowledge of giving colostomy care.Those nurses who had greater than 97 months a clinical experience {(AOR=3.3;(1.481, 7.394)} and nurses who gave care for greater than ten patients within the last six months {AOR=3.3; 95% CI (1.480-7.394)}, nurses who were participated on training of colostomy care within the last six to eight months, referred related literatures on colostomy care within the past 6 months, attended colostomy scientific meetings and those who had been reading professional literatures regularly was found to be to have a significant association withgood knowledge of colostomy care { AOR=1.9; 95% CI (1.054,3.467)}, { AOR=2.0; 95% CI (1.101, 3.502)}, { AOR=2.7; 95% CI (1.208, 5.843)}, { AOR=1.83; 95% CI (1.062,3.153)} respectively. Conclusion and recommendation: The study revealed that half of nurses (51.3%) had good knowledge on colostomy care. There need to design and implement knowledge increasing training program on colostomy care
Description: A thesis to be submitted to Addis Ababa university school of allied health sciences department of nursing and midwifery in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of master of oncology nursing
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