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Title: Sucession planning practices and challenges at commercial bank of ethiopia
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Solomon Markos (PhD)
Eshetu, Seid
Keywords: succession planning;human resource development
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2017
Publisher: aau
Abstract: The study aimed in assessing succession planning practices and challenges affecting human resource succession planning in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. Specifically, the study aimed in finding answers to four objectives. It assessed the extent of human resources succession planning activities in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia it also examined the challenges facing human resources succession planning in the bank. Furthermore, the study assessed the positive factors influencing human resources succession planning in the bank. Finally, the study looked at strategies used for enhancing the application of human resource succession planning in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. The study employed questionnaire and interview in data collection. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics such as percentages, mean and standard Deviation. The study findings indicate that majority of the respondents did not have knowledge on the concept of human resource succession planning. The study finding also showed that the bank did not properly practice the positive factors of human resource succession planning such as Ability to motivate and retain key employees, focusingon roles and responsibilities across a carrier plan and Lack of Plenty of information about employees. Moreover, the bank did not properly used various strategies of enhancing human resources succession plans which included attracting and recruiting potential employees, Effective leadership and management development and improving budget. Furthermore, the study also provides the recommendations of what should be done in improving succession planning and this include the bank should properly implement the positive or success factors of succession planning such as Attracting and recruiting the potential employees, Rewarding and recognizing hard working employees, Effective management and properly implement performance Management system
Description: A thesis submitted to the school of commerce of Addis ababa university in partial fulfillment for the award of Master of arts in Human resource management
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