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Title: The Use Of Language Teaching Games And Activities In Ethiopian Government Elementary Schools
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Sarah, Ogbay
Keywords: In this study an attemp t has been made
Issue Date: Jun-1998
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: In this study an attemp t has been made to find out whether or not the us e of l an~ua~e t eaching v,ames and activities i n Ethiopian government element ary sch ools is more effective in developinr, communicative ab ility in speakinf, En gli sh by providing the students an oppo rtunity t o us e the l an~uar.e e ffectively. One hundred and thirty students were divided between an e xperimental a nd contro l p.roup . An experiment was s e t using the teachin~ materials specially prepared. One set involved the us e of games, the other set involved traditi onal exerc is es normally used by pr imary classes in Ethiopia. At th e end, a t es t wa s administered t o observe the outc ome o f the expe riment. Thus , any variation i n ach i evement between the two groups observed during the test co ul d be att ribut ed to th e use of games. In the scor es obtained the experimental group achieved s i gn ific antly better results thab the control g r oup . On th e basis of the findings, it was recommended that langu age teaching games and activities should be integrated into the present syllabus or a new syllabus developed.
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