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Title: The Phoiiology Of aari
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Klaus Wedkind(Dr)
Ayalew, Mitiku
Keywords: Aari is one of the least-studied Omotic languages
Issue Date: Jun-1991
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Aari is one of the least-studied Omotic languages. The purpose of thi s study is to present a detailed analysis of the sound system of the language. The thesis has three chapters. The first chapter begins with a general and brief introduction about ti,e Aari people, their language, their geographica l location and their social organization. The significance and methodology of the study, the Review of literature of previous works on the Aari language ( particularly phonology) are d i scussed. The second chapter deals with the description of the segmental phonemes and thei r allophones. In the phonemic inventory of the Aari language twenty five consonants and five vo~el phonemes are ident~fied. Only six consonant segments show true qem1nation v hi le a l l the vo wels have long cou n t erparts . In addltlon , the sylla ble s truct u re of the language, t he processes of consonant devoici ng, harmony, nssslizaton, deletion and epenthe sis are disc ussed . The l angua ge is tenta t ively an lalyzed a s a pi tch a ccent languag e. The accentuat."d syllabl e s are identified by J, they tend to have high pi tch . The Aa r i lan guage has a general syllable structure o f the pattern (C_,) V ( : ) (C~.). Chapter three presents the summary and conclusion of the preceding chapters.
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