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Title: Contet and effectivenessof instrucional radoio programmes for teaching of english in etoipian elementary scools
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Gerard Despatie (Dr)
Awol, Endeis
Keywords: a l s6 been t ested in an ac tua l classroom
Issue Date: Jun-1997
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: ··.This thesis comprises o f a descri ptive and experimental study. The study h2s been conducted t o investigate the content and test the effectiveness of the English teaching radio programmes that are broadcast to supplement the classroom English teaching . Each of the grades :rom three to six , "hich are the gracie levels for En glish in Ethiopian e lementary schools, receives twenty six programmes in twenty six wee~s in one academic y ea r . This s tudy describes a ll " tbe one hundred and four progr ammes aired for the four grade levels mentioned above . The relationship of the English teaching radio programr.Jes \·,i th the classroom items and/or the English curriculum f or the eler.Jentnry schools has been l ooked into. The suitability of the selec t ed items for radio presen t ation has also been seen in t he li ght of the l engthy theoretical discussion contained in Chapter lIon the n~ture of radio as a teaching media And the prin ciple s of selecti on , g r ada t ion , presentation and repetition for teaching English by radio. The investigation thus carrie ,l out indicates that too many items are included ( f or the 15 minutes duration of each of the proGr"p;r.1es) ill the r adio programmes f or grade t hree and f our with continuing decrease in grades five and six - a t rend tha t should have boen reversed . The suitability for radi o presentation of the items for g r ade three has been found t o be satisfactory in that 116 of the 147 vocabuL,ry items could be demonst r ated by pictures and/or actions , objects , models . hgain in here the degree of suitability for radio pr esentation of the se l ected items decresses in grades four , five and six . The second part of this study describes thirty two (eight from ~ach grade ) of the one hundred and four programmes fo r points considered to be relevant for the programmes being e ffective t o t each t he items contained in them . This investigation indicates that the programmes are loaded "i th rote repeti tion drills and l ong sentences f or repeti tion exercises; contain too few cues for pupil overt responses. The mode of presentation , however , has been found to be su itable for radi oo 2 2 Furthermor e , the same thirty-tw o programmRs ha ve a l s6 been t ested in an ac tua l classroom s itua ti on by comparisons of pre and post broadcas t oral t ~s t results of sampled students in three r a n domly selected elem entary sohools in Bahir Dar tow~Gojjam re gion . Two t a iled t - t e sts of s i gnificance run for the thirty two proGr~~mes indica t e tha t twenty e i ght of them have been e ff ective , b oth at . 01 and . 001. probability leve l , t o te a ch the items contained in the" Howe ver , t he wtite f has men tione d possi ble r eas ons for the success indic a t ed by the s t a tistics and lists some recommenda ti ons tha t might help t o upgra~e the quality of the Engli sh teAching r a dio prog rammes produced in the future .
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