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Title: Dramatic Structure in Plays of Tsegaye Gebre Medhin
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Fantahun, Engda
Keywords: Based on their genres, aesthetic and soc ial values
Issue Date: Jun-1994
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Based on their genres, aesthetic and soc ial values, plays may be classified as epic, abs urd , cruelty, morality, histori cal, religious , revolutionary and the like. structurally also , two approaches - the conventional o r Aristotelian and unconventional , fo r instance, Brechtian methods are most often excercised by various practitioners. The pu r pose of this thesis is to see the appropriate application of both the conventional a nd unconventional dramatic structures in some of the select ed pl ays of Tsegaye. In the introduct ory part o f this work, the general assessment of other resea rchers' ana lysis on the plays of the same a uthor is reviewed . The next theoretical chapte r discusses the rules and principles of both the conventional and Brechtian epic playwriting . In th is section , the nature o f Fr eytag's Pyramid, including its components - the expositi on, comp l ication and r esolution parts is elabora ted. Furthermore, the necessities of the divi s i ons of a play into scenes and acts are indicated. Added t o the convent i ona l type o f pre s e ntation, the unique cha r act eristic feature of Brechtian epic theatre is also defined in this chapter . I n the ligh t of t he theor e tical djs ~ussio ns, the second ird chapters respective l y examine t k~ prnpe r usage \ of the convention~l ...J _ ___ "-.,:~ .............. ,,, ................... six of the plays o f the dramatist. Last of all , the concludi ng part attempts to put all the findings of this research in a more condensed way . What is more is that this study has been supported by interviews which are held with the playwright and two senio r directors who directed several of his plays. All the discussions with the three interviwees, have separately been recorded by t ape-recorder
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