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Title: Beliefs In Three Amharic Prose Fictions: A Structuralist Point Of View
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Agaredech, Jernaneh
Keywords: "Be lie fs in three Amharic Prose Fictions
Issue Date: May-1996
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The objective of this thesis "Be lie fs in three Amharic Prose Fictions : A Structuralist Point of View" is to examine the sociological and literary values of Sideteqnaw, Tikur Dem and Gunqun. So, it deals with some of the culture bound terms which reflect these social and literary values. The study is based on literary analysis and field work. The research revealed that social relations and psychological constitutions of a society are interrelated. 1) There are times when culture contradicts religion, 2) religion is secondary to personal interests and also people become against their religion when they need immediate solutions for problems encountered, 3) masculinity (bravery) is reflected vis-a-vis femininity. Therefore, the culture of the people which is portrayed in the texts seems to exhibit a dual nature which contradicts one another. This study has four chapters. The introduction is about the methodology the researcher used in analysing the texts and, the difficulties she faced during the field works. The second chapter is the literature review of related works. In addition to this, some key terms which are important for the literary analysis are defined. ii The third chapter is about perception of key terms which make the books so ref lecti ve of cuI tural phenomena. The fourth chapter deals with the literary contribution of the key words analysed in the preceding chapter. In the conclusion, the findings of the research are presented briefly. Finally, the interviews held with the authors and other informants are in appended in the order of the interviews conducted.
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