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Title: Teachers’ Perception On The Practice Of Performance Appraisal At Preparatory Schools Of Gulele Sub- City, Addis Ababa
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Melaku Yemam(Ato)
Worku, Ashenafi
Keywords: performance appraisal;of preparatory schools in Gulele sub-city
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to analyze teachers‟ perceptions on the practice of performance appraisal of preparatory schools in Gulele sub-city. The objectives of the study were to identify teachers‟ perception on the purpose, standards and procedure of performance appraisal system. The research adopted a descriptive research design a targeted all the 290 teachers and 17 principals of the preparatory schools were involved in the study. Cluster sampling was used to classify schools in their type to select six preparatory sample schools from the sub-city. Random sampling was also employed to select 104 teachers from 209 teachers of the sample schools. From the returned questionnaires nine of them were deficient which were rejected by the research. Finally 95(91.4%) copies were considered. Moreover, all principals and vice principals of the six schools participated in the study. These schools are Medhanialem, Yekatit 12, Meskayehizunan, Kegnazemach Andargie, Enat and St. Marry School. A Questionnaire was designed to be completed by teachers and interview were scheduled with principals and vice principals to secure necessary data. Observation Check list was also employed as data collection instrument of primary data. Before the actual data collection procedure a pilot study was conducted in one preparatory school of Kirkos sub-city to test the reliability of the data instruments. The reliability of statistical data was 0.76 which was above the moderate value. Data obtained were qualitative and quantitative. Quantitative data were coded and entered into excel and SPSS program and used for analysis. The results of data analysis were presented using frequency distribution tables in percentage and mean values. Respondents‟ briefed as almost all items in research was made guarantee the participants confidentiality. The finding of the study established that performance appraisal had positive impacts on teachers‟ activity towards their professional development, teaching and learning processes and student academic achievement. Moreover, teachers perceived the system of performance appraisal which involved feedback created an environment for discussion notably with principals. However, the purpose and standard of performance appraisal were not developed in collaboration with teachers and also adequate orientation was not offered to teachers and principals. The majority of teachers were not motivated by the appraisal system so as to work hard to improve quality of education as there was no reward attached to it .The study recognized that the major challenges experienced during Performance appraisal were personal bias of evaluator, teachers‟ negative attitude towards appraisal, technical errors committed by principals who rate teachers higher or lower than their actual performance. Moreover, teachers perceived that principals did not have a tendency to give extreme rating by rating all teachers at the middle. Finally, the study recommends that in order to improve the nature of performance appraisal at preparatory schools, principals should given orientation on the appraisal standards and processes so as to enhance their positive participation and support to the system.
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