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Title: The Influence Of Knowledge ManagementOn Organizational Performance: The Case Of Addis Ababa Education Bureau
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Yekunuamlak Alemu(Dr)
Beyene, Regassa
Keywords: knowledge, Knowledge management;knowledge management Practice;knowledge Repository, knowledge sharing;Knowledge Utilization, knowledge Worker, Portal
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The main purpose of this study was to investigate the outlook of employees on the practices and the influence of Knowledge Management on organizational performance in Addis Ababa Education Bureau. Accordingly, an attempt was made to measure the outlook of employees, department/unit heads and knowledge management and evaluation sub unit on knowledge management. The sample used in the study consisted of 45 female and 67 male employees of Addis Ababa Education Bureau was employed by the study; systematic random sampling technique was employed in choosing the employees. Moreover, purposive sampling technique was applied in choosing department/unit heads and knowledge management and evaluation sub unit. Data were collected using questionnaire and interview with the respondents. The study reveals that the outlook of employees and department/unit heads and knowledge management and evaluation sub unit perceived as helpful to implement knowledge management with some limitations. They reveal that knowledge management is important and will make the organization to better perform. Addis Ababa Education Bureau is appreciated as being a developer in knowledge practicing among the other bureaus in Addis Ababa City Administration. Hence, the study revealed the strengths and shortcomings of the current knowledge practices and the influence of knowledge management on organizational performance. The level of awareness and acceptance of the concept and practice of knowledge management by the employees of the Bureau were identified by this research. This situation calls for organizational efforts to reinforce the practice of knowledge by formulating comprehensive knowledge practicing strategy well-matched with organizational strategy, enhance the level of employee awareness regarding the concepts and benefits of knowledge practicing, and re-experience employees from work burden by reallocating organizational resources so as to enable them to actively take part in knowledge practicing activities. Moreover, satisfying effective knowledge practicing activities and providing with adequate information technology infrastructure and skills to activity have also vital contribution to organizational performance. To minimize the gap in practicing knowledge management in Addis Ababa Education Bureau, improving or strengthening the subunit for knowledge management and evaluation/KMAE/,creating awareness for employee’s activities of knowledge management within the organization to develop a sense of belongingness and creative, and provides the contribution of the technological infrastructure were recommended.
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