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Title: A Comparison Of The Reading Level Of Bahir Dar Teachers' College Freshman Studentswjith The Reading Levels Expected Of Them
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Tilahun Gamta(Dr)
Mendida, Barkessa
Keywords: expected of the Bahir Dar Teachers ' College freshman students
Issue Date: Jun-1998
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The purpose of this study is primarily t o find out the gap betl1een the actual reading ability and what i s expected of the Bahir Dar Teachers ' College freshman students in their subj ect ar ea text books. Its secondary purpose is to investigate whether a significant difference exists between and among the groups of the sample population due to some variables. In order to accomplish this goal, el even degree and seventeen diploma English students, sixteen degr ee and thirty-four diploma Geography students totalling seventy- eight were taken as It sample population representing the social science freshman students. Six passages from English for New Ethiopia series were t aken for both department students and three passages r elated to their field of studies for each department students wer e cDosen based on the instructions recommended by Fry;s (1968) fo rmula (graph). Cloze and comprehension tests were set and administered to the sample population and the necessary statistical data were obtained using a computer. Besides , cloze and comprehension error analyses of the student ~ 1 responses were done. ~11il e the result of t he cloze analysis indicat es that the students lack an adequate knowl edge of the English grammar and sufficent vocabulary stock, t he anal ysis of the comprehension question responses show that they are defi ci ent in the higher comprehension skill s . Apart from the cloze and comprehension tests, a questionnaire was administered to see whether differ ences exist botween the groups due to the variables stated in the questionnaire. The result, however , indicates no sif'nificant difference amon!, the f' r ouns except for two cases. In general , the r esult of the study reveals that the ~ctu al reading ability of the two departl'lcnt students enables them t o read t ext books of grade four dHficulty levels l1ith the help of a t eacher . This implies t hat the student s ' rcadinf' ability is far l'e l ol-l t he expected standard and the problem is acute . The r es earcher hopes that the concerned authorities should do something in order t o solve the probl em .
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