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Title: Study of Co-Existence of Superconductivity and Ferromagnetism in Pr Doped Y Ba2Cu3O7- δ
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Prof. P. Singh
Tsega, Moges
Issue Date: Jul-2005
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The co- existence of superconductive and magnetic properties of Yi - xPrxB(i2Cu307-s has been investigated. The suppression of Tc by the Pr concentration can be described by the Abrikosov-Gorkov pair-breaking like relation , and hybridization between Pr 4f states and conduction bands may play an important role in the suppression of Tc . We have determined the dependency of Tc on the impurity concentration. Superconductivity vanishes at a certain critical concentration. We have made a detailed study of co- existence of superconductivity and ferromagnetism in the concentration range close to the critical . We also study the effect of spin-spin interaction at T < Tm and spin-electron interactions on superconducting transition point. Superconductivity appears together with ferromagnetism but persists only until the ferromagnetic effect is not sufficiently large.
Description: A Thesis Submitted To the School Of Graduate Studies of Addis Ababa University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Physics.
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