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Title: Educational And Job Opportunities Of Femali~ Indlvloual With Hearing Impairment, In Addis Ababa
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: R. S. kumar (Dr) ,
Zewdjtu, G/Hiwot
Keywords: lemale individual with hearing impairment
Issue Date: Aug-2007
Abstract: The main objective of this study is to identify the educational and job opportunity ol lemale individual with hearing impairment in Addis Ababa. To achieve this goal, both qualitative and quantitative methods ol research were employed. The quantitative part deals with educational opportunity and the qualitative research assesses the job opportunity. Questionnaire was prepared by the researcher which has 48 items and pilot study was made to check its feasibility and improve its ualidity. All female students with hearing impairment lrom Minilik IT secondary school were part of the sample which constitute (Grade 9~ 15 girls in special class, grade ] O~ 4 girls in integrated class, and grade.11 ~ 1 girl in integrated class) and the other 20 subjects were taken lrom the association using convenient sampling technique. Questionnaires were distributed to the respondents with the help of interpreter. For the case ol qualitative study semi- s t/llctured interview was conducted with three women who are working and looking for job at present and answers were written by the researcher while the interpreter interviewed the respondents. 1n addition Semi-structured interview was also made with the Ministry of education and Ministry of Labor and social AIfair who are responsible for the education and employment of p eople with disability in Addis Ababa. The result of data collected through questionnaire was analyzed using percentage and displayed using tables and bar charts. Based on the results, cone/us ion and recommendation were made to the concerned bod ies. The finding suggested that there is a need Jor pre, primary and secondary school program that consider special educational need of s tudents with hearing impainnent in different parts of the city. For those attending at higher education, the help oj note taker, interpreter, tutor, should be provided. It is also suggested that ins tructors at higher education should be cooperative to provide prepared note ahead of the class. It is also suggested that women with hearing impainnent need support in finding job and at working places. in addition it indicated that even though more vacancies encouraged women to apply it never encourage women with disabilities in general. There for it is suggested that vacancies should consider the potential of women with hearing impainnent. The finding also revel that women who are working have problem ol changing lor better job because of their disability and stuck in low paid job which make their life hand to mouth and live in poverty.
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