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Title: Father-Daughter Relationship and Its Effect on Female Sexuality: the Case of Adolescents in Some Selected Private Colleges of Addis Ababa
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Zeleke, Mekonnen
Keywords: HIVIAIDS and STDs are high.
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Sexually active adolescent females exposing to HIVIAIDS and STDs are high. A supportive father-daughler relationship is an additional buffer Fom these risks. Fathers who involved in daughlers ' lives play an important role in influencing their sexuality. Thus, examining interaction factors would enhance our understanding of adolescent females and their sexuality. A sample of 428 female studen/sfrom seven colleges of Addis Ababa, who comple/ed s/ruc/ured ques/ionnaire, was ilicorporated in /he s/udy. Qualilative informa/ion was also obtainedfrom two focus group discussions. Overall, about 34% offemale students repor/ed ever having had sexual intercourse. Of sexually active female students, 57% reported having first had sexual in/ercourse wi/hout using condom. The higher sexually active female students scored on a scale of perceived palernal relalionships, the more likely they were to report ever having had sexual intercourse with condom, condom use at lasl sexual intercourse and consistent condom use in the past six months (Odds ratios, 4.2, 5.1, and 6.3, respectively). Among sexually active female students, higher perceive father potential to discuss about sexuality and/or HIVIAIDS was posilively related to condom use at last sexual intercourse and consistent condom use in the past six months (1.5, 1.3, respectively). Age of female adolescents and father educational status were positively associated with Sexual risktaking behaviors among sexually active female students. Paternal relationship may be a protective factor related to sexual risk-taking among sexually active female sludents. Including activilies that acknowledge the influence of palernal relalionships and faCilitate posilive father-daughter relationships may increase Ihe efficacy of programs/or reducing sexual risk-taking among college female students.
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