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Title: Major forms of exploitations and abuses Experienced by victims of External women trafficking: gondar Town in focus
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Yedilfana, Adinew
Keywords: exploilalions experienced by women who were victims
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The pUipose of Ihis study was 10 invesligale Ihe major abuses and exploilalions experienced by women who were victims of external Irafficking in difJerent lvJiddle East countries and currently living in GondaI' town. II mainly aimed at investigaling Ihe psychological and social experiences of women. The study explored the contribU/ing facIal's for women 10 migrale, /1/CU'or abuses and exploitations they faced, their psycho social experiences and consequences of being trafJicked ajier released fi'om abuses and exploitations. The study also explored the conditions of legal protection and assisting of victims while trafficked and ajier released fi'om the abuses and exploilalions. A qualitative research methodology was employedfor the study. The design chosenfor this study was exploralory and descriptive. The data was collected through an in-depth interview with seven women who were victims of external Irafficking in one of the Middle East countries; and Iheir family members who have relationship wilh Ihe viclims before and ajier migration. The resulls of this study indicated that women who were victims of Irafficking experienced difJerenl forms of abuses and exploitations. Most of the victims emphasized as they confi'onted labor exploilation, lack of communication with Iheir families, economic exploilalions, physical violence, emolional abuse, spiritual abuse, social and psychological consequences ajier released fi'om abuses and exploitations. The findings of study implied the collaboration of the governmenl with the destination countries, making the society aware about the problem, working with nongovernmenlal organizations and enforcement of existing laws will reduce the problem.
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