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Title: Teachers' Current Practices Of Time Management In Central Zone Preparatory Schools Of Tigra
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Befekadu Zeleke (Asst. Prof.)
Zemichael, Tsegai
Keywords: management in central zone preparatory schools of 1Ygrai
Issue Date: Apr-2011
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The main objective of the study was to assess teachers' current practices of time management in central zone preparatory schools of 1Ygrai. To achieve this purpose the study employed a descriptive survey method. Teachers, vice principals and principals were sources of data in this study. The data gathering instrument were questionnaire, interview and document analysis. The quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistics while the in/onnation obtained through document review and interviews were qualitatively described to supplement the quantitative -data. The results of the study revealed that the concept of time and its management is not satisfactory. With respect to the teachers' awareness, no training is made on time to the teachers and school. Furthemwre, the finding revealed that teachers encountered a number of time wasters. The top ones were lack objectives, problems of setting priority in planning, in decision and procrastination lack of self disciplined, confused responsibility, technology (computer, telephone mobile) unexpected things (uis itors, meeting) and delegation problems. And the incapability oj identiJying the time savers that can alleviate the problems of time bandits is identified a another major problem of the study. So, it is concluded that teachers have problems of time concept and its management and couldn't identify time wasters to come up with relevant strategies of time management. Finally, recommendations are made based on the results of the study. The points of recommendation include: the misconception of time and the culture of time utilization and management of teachers in the preparatory schools of 1Ygrai should get great attention by the woreda education offices in collaboration with education bureau. Like on the other basic resources, a training about the concept of time and its management should be given to teachers. Despite the Jact that the educational policy of the country gave little room in the result - oriented measurement of teachers , perjonnance, curriculum of civics and ethical education and BPR, it is expected to detail and give big room beyond the existing situation. As the findings oj this study revealed the top time wasters that face to the teachers and it is recommended that the major effective strategies of time management may be awareness of time, set priorities using planning tools, get organized, scheduled your time appropriately, delegate, stop procrastination, manage extended time wasters, avoid multi tasking and stay healthy.
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