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Title: The Contributions of NGOs in the Promotion of Girls' Education In The Case of Jerusalem Children and Community Development Organization; Debre Ziet Community Development Program Office (JeCCDO DZ CDPO)
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Daniel Desta (Ph.D),
Zebiba, Hassen
Keywords: education can be considered as a "human right."
Issue Date: Jul-2012
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Gender equity in education results from education can be considered as a "human right." The,.efore, gender-focused development recognizes that gender is an organizing principle of society that qf/ects 'women and men in all activities and relationships and consequently influences the outcomes qf development interventions, In this regard, NGOs have given particular attention to and invested on access to education by girl-children and improving the opportunities qf such children to continue with their education. This study tries to assess the contributions of NGOs in the promotion of girls' education in the case of Jerusalem Children and Community Development Organization Debre Zeit Commun.ity Development Program Office (JeCCDO DZ CDPO) in Debre Zeit, It is a case study that incorporate four girl students who are direct beneficiaries of Je CCD 0 DZ CDPO and find out the interventions strategies of the organization in terms of addressing the challenges £?f the targeted girl students', The study has found that girls students income, educational backgroun.d and economy of the family, gender role socialization and school relatedfactors are as major challenges of the girl students in the study area, School material proviSions, peer educations and trainings, strengthening the targeted schools libraries and girls I club ojjice are the mqjor interventions strategies of JeCCDO DZ CDPo. Therefore the study has found that these interventions have their awn contributions in order to addressing the challenges of the girl stu.dents and th.eir schooling. Therefore based on the findings improving the social, economic and political capacities of families should be th.e major task in order to promote girls education. In view of this, government, charity organizations, community based organizations and all the stakeholders, are accountable for this.'
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