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Title: Assessment of technical and vocational Education and training provision in Ethiopian federal prison administration
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Yeshibelay, Hailemeskel
Keywords: Ethiopian Federal Prison Administration/ FPA/.
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to assess the provision of TVET for offenders in Ethiopian Federal Prison Administration/ FPA/. Henc:e, the four Correctional Centers (Prisons): Addis Ababa Maximum Security Prison, Zeway, Showa Robit and Dire Dawa prisons TVET program availably selected as sample for the s tudy. A descriptive survey research methodology was designed to obtain updated information about the overall picture of the prison TVET in FPA. To identify and list the current information and data regarding the TVET, the study made use of questionnaire, interview and personal observation to solicit information from trainers, trainees and coordinators of rehabilitation and development sector. Besides, five years (2009/2010- 2013/2014) documentary reviews were used to gather data. Accordingly, the following major findings were obtained: transfers between prisons was root cause of trainees drop out, training priority is not given to re-offenders, recidivists, females, juveniles and short term sentenced , due to trainers' inability to prepare their own training materials d eveloped training manuals were laclcing in the FPA Correctional Centers, there was insufficient access to resources due to lacle of budget and improper usage of budget, Over the past five years (2009/2010-2013/2014) most TVET programs facilities were found the same and not satisfactory. There were no system to offer on job training for trainers, coordinators and team leaders to enable them to improve their technological, vocational and methodological knowledge and skills, finally, Stakeholders ' participation and contribution in the FPA Correctional Centers I'VEI' provision were not considerable.
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