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Title: Factors affecting implementation of community Skill training centers program: the case of a wi Zone.
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Meseret Asefa(Dr)
Zewdie, Getahune
Keywords: Community skill Training Centers (CSTCs) program in Awi Zone
Issue Date: Feb-2009
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The study has aimed at assessing factors affecting implementation of Community skill Training Centers (CSTCs) program in Awi Zone. In the study, a descriptive survey method was used. Four Community Skill Training Centers were selected by purposive sampling method. All the four CSTCs trainees, (N= 104), trainers (N=6) and coordinators of CSTCs (N=4) were employed in the study, and 5 heads and 9 experts of woreda and zonal Micro and Small Trade and Industry Promotion Agency (MSTIPA) were selected by purposive sampling techniques. Questionnaires, interviews, observation and document review were used to gather data. Data analysis was made by using percentage and mean scores. The study identified specific problems related to trainees, trainers, CSTCs and management. Inadequacy of resources and little attention from MSTIPA office were major factors challenging implementation of CSTCs programs. From these the study concludes that the training program of CSTCs in Awi zone was entangled with problems which most of them stemmed from lack of emphasis and shortage of resource. CSTCs seem to be incapable of meeting the interests of their communities. There fore, it may require MSTIPA offices to make maximum efforts to reverse the current situation.
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