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Title: The psychosocial support services of orphan and vulnerable children in the group home setup in bole sub city
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Teka Zewide (Dr)
Mado, Assefa
Keywords: vulnerable children in the group home model
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The general objective of this study was to assess the psychosocial support services of orphan and vulnerable children in the group home model in Bole Sub City,Addis Ababa. The Quantitative research method was employed to achieve the research objectives. Two group of respondents were selected by using purposive sampling technique to meet the inclusion criteria, from one organization working on community based group home model. The participants were 20 orphan and vulnerable children and 10 were the care givers. A demographic questionnaire and semi- structured questionnaire was administered. The Quantitative data were analyzed and the respondents’ response regarding to the psychosocial support was described in the result part about the reconstructive family type care with in the community. It helps the OVC as a part of the society and the feeling of loved by others, cared and socialize with their neighborhood easily. From the analysis of the Quantitative data, the support for orphan and vulnerable children in the reconstructed family type focuses on their psychological, social and their spiritual components to address the individual needs in addition to educational supports, health, food and shelter, legal protection. Their attachment with the care givers and each of them as a family supports them as a coping strategy at the times of stressful and depressive situation.
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