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Title: Identification and Conservation of Sustainable Urban Heritage Landscapes: Developing a Heritage Sensitive Urban Planning Framework for Addis Ababa
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Tadesse Girmay
Bekele, Matiyas
Keywords: Historic Urban Landscape Approach;Conservation Strategy;Modern Ethiopian Cities;Addis Ababa;Sustainable Urban Development;Densification
Issue Date: 26-Jun-2017
Publisher: Addis Ababa university
Abstract: Conserving urban heritages has been challenging despite its higher significance to sustainable and equitable urban development. There have been a few established principles and procedures to guide architectural conservation, and yet it was only in 2011 that we found a recommendation for urban conservation on an international basis. The main objective of this research is to formulate strategies necessary for the sustainable development and management of landscapes of heritage significance to Ethiopian cities, particularly to Addis Ababa, based on the 2011 Recommended HUL Approach by UNESCO. The relevance of this research becomes stronger in the light of assessing the newly proposed structure plan of Addis Ababa in 2017, in which numerous high density redevelopment programs have been planned to undertake. The general strategy is a case study research to answer the questions how and why urban conservation can be effectively implemented in Addis Ababa with intensive investigations in to literature, relevant policy documents, historical sources and interviews. Features of the ideal Ethiopian Historic landscapes with their traditional mechanism of conservation have been identified in this study. The critical challenges and opportunities of urban conservation for Addis Ababa have also been dealt in depth for the sake of integrating the practice in to the urban planning and design framework. Finally, based on these findings, it has been tried to recommend strategies for effectively managing Addis Ababa’s heritage landscapes within the current Building Height Regulation Zoning system.
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