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Title: Exploring the Prevention, Protection and Service Provision measures undertaken for the Abandonment of FGM in Damot Fulasa District of Wolayta Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Meseret Kassahun(Dr)
Eyob, Tamene
Keywords: Female Genital Mutilation, Prevention, Protection
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: This qualitative exploratory study explored and described the efforts taken so far in prevention of the FGM, in enforcement of laws prohibiting the practice of the FGM and the provision of health and/or psychosocial services to children and women negatively affected by the FGM. Data was collected by using individual in-depth interview with those who have been working to end the practice of the FGM in the study area and Focus group discussions with male and women who have been participating at the Community Conversation (CC) Sessions and with high School girls. A thematic analysis of data generated three major themes: Interventions undertaken to end the FGM, Impacts of Community Conversation Sessions and opportunities and challenges to be considered in any future intervention to end the practice. The findings of this study showed the interventions undertaken so far were inclusive of Community Awareness creation, enforcement of laws and provision of medical services to those who are affected by the FGM, and the involvement of the CC contributed for the prevention and control of FGM in the study area. The findings also identified many opportunities and some challenges to be considered in any future intervention to end the practice of the FGM in the study area. And the finding of this study has important implications for Social Work Practice, research, education, policy and advocacy.
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