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Title: The Management of Primary School F acilities in Selected Weredas @.f5:A1:si'Zone
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Melaku Yimam (Ato)
Hailiye, Ayu
Keywords: management of prim[lfY school facilit ies in Arsi zone
Issue Date: Jul-2007
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Tllis study was conducted 10 identiJjl the major practices and problems prevailing around the management of prim[lfY school facilit ies in Arsi zone. Particularly focusing on the adequacy and compatibility of school facilil ies to the teaching learning and the competence of school decision makers in the managemenl of school jacilities, were delt \\lith to answer the basic research questions. Purpose descriptive survey method was employed in this study. Data were collected using tllree tvpe of quesiioli llaire to 5 Wereda Education Office Heads . .; WI'/"edo Educalioll Planners, 13 supervisors 23 principals, 19 vice princ/fJals and 10.; Teachers " 'illl IOtal 168 respondents selecled ;;-0111 five Weredas and twenty five schools using purposive. availability and ralldoll1 sampling techniques. The dora were analyzed using percentages and chi-square test. The study finding cOllveyed that the basic school facili ties such as classrooms, jill"niture. library and laboratories were reported to be scarce and some of them were not available. Even the available fac ililies " 'ere nOI organized appropriately 10 implell/en! Ihe lIel\" l11elhods of leaching in the cunicllium. Furthermore, their planning and procuring systems have a problem due to the illcoll1petence of school decision makers. Depending on the findings and cone/us ions drawn ;;-01/1 the stlldy at capac it)' bllilding and evaluating the systems of planning and procuring school fac ililies have been recommended
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