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Title: Design of Teff Seed Drill Machine
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Daniel Tilahun (PhD)
Geta K/Mariyam (Mr.)
Habtamu, Mulatu
Keywords: Drill Machine;Teff Seed;Design
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: The main objective of this project is to design teff seed drill machine which use for improve the cultivation technology. Since the teff is most well-known and widely consumed grain in Ethiopia for a long period of time. Due to the importance of this cereal crops the consumption were increase time to time. But in recently the provision of extension service to improve teff product in order to satisfy the demand, use seed drilling with the application of technology have been introduce by Ministry of agriculture and its partner. For thus different research Center were been in trying to do the technology as per the specification i.e. Ethiopian Institution of agricultural research beside ministry of agriculture, minister of agricultural mechanization and agricultural transformation agency (ATA), Oromia agricultural mechanization sector at Melkasa agricultural centre, Bahir Dar agricultural mechanization and food science research Center, and RASSELAS research and engineering development were doing on the way. Some projects have public to evaluate but standing from this almost all system has functional in limited soil resistance (low and probably medium moist soil conditions). The adoption of this technology improvement was take in serious by combining different system, evaluating, comparing and contrasting as per the agricultural requirement criteria which will the best ideas for fits to teff seed drilling application. The critical point of system is to design based on the physical properties of teff seed and fertilizers which are vary according to moisture condition. It requires single person to operate which placed on his shoulder to work continuous two –four hours without tiredness, it has 5.67kg full loaded weight, it can drill three row at a time both teff seed and fertilizer with in 20cm row gaps, the theoretical field capacity has eight hours required for one hectare. It’s applicable for almost all soil conditions.
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