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Title: Survey Study On Human Resource Utilization Practices: A Case Of Tvet Colleges Of Oro Mia
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Worku Mekonnen (Dr)
Girma, Nagassa
Keywords: The major purpose
Issue Date: Jul-2008
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The major purpose of the study was to undertake the assessment of human resource utilization practices and problems in TVET Colleges, thereby to investigate as to how the current practices of HRU and to give recommendations for problems that may be identified so as to improve the existing situation. Nekemt, Asella, and Woliso TVET Colleges were selected for the study. An extended review of the literature was taken to discuss the different principles and theory of HRU practices available from different sources of books, journal and unpublished materials. From the different sources of literature and study result it was understood that human resource or people are a major component of any organization toward achieving its goals and objectives. Every organization whether it is governmental or non·governmental, industrial or business organization it depends up on people. Without people organizations cannot exist. As a result, an attempt was made to carefully examine the general practices of the TVET Colleges' under the study about current HRU practices. The subjects of the study were TVET College Teachers, TVET College Principals/Deans, Regional TVET Agency and Zonal TVET Office Administrators and Senior Experts and Regional Civil Service Commission HRM Senior Experts. To this effect, the respondent sampling was carried out through purposive and availability sampling techniques. To examine the basic questions, primary and secondary data have been collected through field work from various sources. The results obtained information have been analyzed in line with basic theoretical and conceptual arguments of the subject. The required information was gathered through the use of questionnaires, interview, observation of the practical activities and document analysis. The percentage statistics technique was used to make analysis of data obtained from the respondents under the study. As it was indicated in the study, which is undertaken in TVET Colleges of Nekemt, Asella and Woliso the human resource utilization practices in general was low. Mismatch of existing manpower's knowledge and skill with the actual job, administrators less concern to the human element, shortage of qualified/skilled manpower, lack of instructional materials and lack of teachers' motivation were the few major causes of human resource utilization practices that identified in the study. Therefore, as the human resource is the crucial factor of all resources the human resource management would be get due considerations in such a way that it improves the human resource utilization situations and maximizes individuals or groups performance toward achieving institutional goals and objectives.
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