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Title: Teachers' Motivation for and Involvement in Continuous Professional Learning and Improvement: A Study on Secondary School Teachers in the West Hararghe Administration Zone
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Ambissa Kenea (Dr)
Hussien, Ahmed
Keywords: continuous professional learning
Issue Date: May-2011
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The main purpose of this study was to assess the extent of teachers' motivation for and involvement in continuous professional learning in the secondary schools of West Hararge Zone. Teachers' professional learning and development refers to any ,professional development activities engaged-in by teachers, individually or in group, which enhance their knowledge , skills and improve their values to the education of students, with a view to improve the quality of the teaching-learning process. To achieve the objectives of the study, six basic research questions were formulated and answered by the study. The research method employed was a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, with descriptive survey approach. Data was collected from 100 teachers by using closed-ended questionnaire and from 6 school principals and 6 Woreda education experts by using semi-structured interview. Samples of teachers were selected by using the simple-random sampling technique, and the available technique was used to select the schools' principals and the Woreda education experts. The data collected through the questionnaires was presented by using tables and analyzed in quantitative terms; and the data collected by interviews was analyzed qualitatively, by using vignettes and narrative descriptions and interpretations. Based on that, it was found out that teachers' motivation for and involvement in CPD activities was very low or insignificant. This implies there was a weak nexus between teachers' day-to-day teaching tasks and CPD activities. Teachers' limited involvement in professional learning was confined to very few activities. Moreover, the study has revealed that a host of factors were identified to affect adversely teachers' involvement in continuous professional learning and improvement. Among these were absence of self-motivation and self-initiation on the part of teachers; scarcity of resources and inaccessibility to the new educational technologies; absence of budget; absence of incentives; unfavorable attitudes of teachers towards CPD program; absence of committed school leadership and the like. Further more, it was discovered that imposition from the government was found to be the main pushing factor for teachers' limited involvement in professional learning activities; the schools' leaders played very little role in supporting professional learning program. A need for further awareness-building, stakeholders' coordination and collaboration; creating' supportive school environment; and providing continuous and sustainable supports are among suggestions forwarded to improve the observed state of affairs.
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