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Title: The Internal El;'Ficiency Of 1•Iuitli\Uy Sciiools In Jimitia Zone
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Ayalew Shibeshi (Ato)
Tamiru, Jote
Keywords: magnilude oj inlernal efficiency 0/ prill'/m)' schools
Issue Date: Jun-2006
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The purpose o/Ihis sludy was 10 make an invesligalion in 10 Ihe magnilude oj inlernal efficiency 0/ prill'/m)' schools in Jimma Zone. Allempls IFere also made 10 idenli/j' Ihe major/iJclors Ihal could be in/orce behind Ihe currenl inlernal efficiency level oJprimm), schools in Ihe zone. The variables considered in Ihe sWdy are pupil relaled, lutcher relaled. adminislralive. socia-economic and socio-cullural conslrainlS. Dala regarding enrol/menl, repel it ion and dropouls were oblained /i'om Jimma Zone Educalion and Capacily Building Bureau and sample schools ' documenls. The sludy included 288 pupils. 180 Icctcher.I·. 18 school principals and 6 woreda primary educalion expersl. Queslionnaires were Ihe inSll'UmenlS used /or dala col/eclion. The dala gCllhered Fom documenls (lnd IhrDugh Cjueslionnaire were analyzed using percenlages. ralio. weighled mean. f -value. p-value and S/Jearman rank order correlal ion. To determine Ihe magnitude of infernal efficiency Cohorl method andflow rales were employed. 1n addition. Cohorl analysis was used 10 idenli/j' Ihe sex and grade levellhal was severely afreCled by inefficiency ofprimw)' schools in Ihe sludy area. The findings have indiCC/led Ihal. amon!{ Ihe lowl number o/pupils who cnlered grade one in 200310-1 academic year, only 17. 1% compleled their primm)' educalian al Ihe end oj Ihe eighth years. II was idenlified Ihal role oj inefficiency o/primm), educalion was higher in second cycle primm)' educalion and among girls Ihan boys. Final/y. Ihe weighled mean scores and llesl resulls revealed Ihal pupil relaled. school relaled. adminislmlive and socia economic variables lI'ere /ound si!{ni/icanl faclors behimi low inlernal efficiency of primm)' schools in Jimma Zone. The/indings, there/ore, suggesl thaI improving Ihese variables may make a considerable change in alleviating Iminimizing inefficiency of primm)' schools in Jimma zone. Based on Ihese findings and conclusions drawn il was recommended thaI measures regarding /lexible school calendar. Ihe promolion of parenls and sludenls sensilizalion on value oj educalion. training of more educalionalmanagers and Ihe need 10 work on school local ion planning and ilnproving schoolfilcililies and services should be ,aken 10 minimize Ihe prevailing magnitude o('inlernal efficiency ofpril/1m)' schools in Jimll1a Zone.
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