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Title: A Study Of Practices And Problems Of Current Financial Management System In Second Cycle Secondary Schools
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Yalew Engidayehu (Dr)
Abebaw, Maemer
Keywords: financial management system
Issue Date: Jun-2006
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to examine current practices and problem of financial management system of second cycle secondary schools of Addis Ababa. To achieve this goal the existing financial management practices, such as budget planning, accounting methods, and reporting system of second cycle secondary schools were examined. Data for thi s study was collected by means of questionnaire, interview, group focus discussion, observation, and document investigation. The study was conducted in five sub city finance and economic development offices and ten second cycle secondary schools of Addis Ababa. Purpos ive and simple random sampling techniques were employed. The subjects of the study were 200 school employees, and ten sub city finance and economic development officials and experts. In order to analyze the response given through questionnaire; T-test, standard deviation, average, frequency distribution, and percentage were employed using SPSS software. The study found out, among other things, that; (1) the schools have shortage of skilled work force in the account office, (2)School organizations are characterized by lack of planning, diversity, and loosely coupled fin ancial management, (3) the allocated budget from the point of achievement of the education objective was not sufficient, ( 4) there is no consistent accounting system over these schools, and, (5) the freedom schools have to use the budget according to their desire is not flexible. Implicitly, therefore, the study suggests that there is a need for efficiency IJ1 workers, training for staff members who are working in the finance section of schools, and to give each school the flexibility, within an agreed budget, to manage the school finance with close supervision.
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