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Title: A Ttitude Of Teachers Towards The Clrrent Practice Of Assigning Preparatory School Principals In The Regional State Of Oromia
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Haileselassie Woldegerima (Asst.Prof.)
Million, Kebede
Keywords: preparalory schools in Ihe Regional Slale o/Oromia,
Issue Date: Apr-2006
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The purpose o( the Study was to assess the allitude o(preparatory schoolteachers in the current pructice 0/ assigning principals in Ihe preparalory schools in Ihe Regional Slale o/Oromia, For the purpose o./Ihis .1'1 L((ly 16 schools were selecled randomly FUIII jive zones in Ihe a(oremenlioned region, Then alllhe leacher,l' leaching al preparalory level in Ihose schools were included in Ihe sample pupulaliun. Another group o/re,lpondenls were educalion officials working in \Voredo,I' or zones in which Ihe 16 schools were silualed. These educalion officials/or Ihe purpose o./Ihis study were woreda edllwlion officials (Iwoji-om each woreda or zone) and principals and vice-principalsji'om Ihe 16 schools, Questionnaire was used to collecl data ji'Oll1 hOlh gmllps 0.( respondent,l' (Ie(/('''ers awl educalion official,s). The data were analyzed u,l'ing percenlage or Fequency, mean vallie, rank order, and Likerl Melhod o(Summaled Raling and Ihe results were re!,orled using percentage in lahles, The findings of the study indicaled Ihal Ihere ware absence 0/ clear guideliue (/Ild Iral1.lparency, common absence o( assignmel7f o( qualified principals, v('rt' 11111' parlicipaliun o./Ieachers in Ihe (/ssigllillg !'/'llcess, The crileria used for assigning principals were reporled 10 be experience in teaching. administration and managemenl, qualijicolion, nomination by leacher and direcl appoinlmenl by officials, Preparatory teachers showed negalive allitude lowards, the currenl practice o(assigning preparalory principals, Low salary, lack 0./ tram/er and promolion were cited as Ihe major/actors/or preparatOlY leachers 10 leave Iheir pro(ession. Thefinding oj'!he ,I'IIU!)I revealed Ihat there was no participalion ofJemale teachers in the principalship position.I' 0/ preparcilOIY schools in the region. Finally, some recolllll1endalion.s' \Vere ji}/'\I'arded un Ihe basis 0/ Ihe jindings and conclusion. Some 0/ these were it quali/ied principals especially/rom the Deparlmenl o( J::ducalional Adminislralion or t'duculiullul I'huming und Munugelllelll ur ully re/ale,1 jields, should he assignee/. l('ochl'l',I' shollid he i/'/I'olved in Ihe monagl'lIlenlllmlll'lIIll'l'.I'''il' as well as in Ihe assigning a/prinCipals, condilions oj'livings, prol17olion and Il'CIl1sjel' or teachers should be improved. women should be encouraged 10 ,ake parI in Ih" jJl'incipalship jJosilions in pl'epu/'{/I!JI)i schools eilher hy quula, Il'CIns/el' 01' hy .I'/J<'ciul lraining.
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