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Title: Factors That Influence Educational Media Management Within The Education Bureau Of Addis Ababa City Administration
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Yalew Ingidayehu ( Dr)
Petros, Faltamo
Keywords: ellucatiollalmedia mallagemellt with ill
Issue Date: May-2002
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: This study was set out to examille factors that illfluellce ellucatiollalmedia mallagemellt with ill the Educatioll Bureau of Addis Ababa with particular emphasis 011 humall resource alld budget allocatiolls as well as the status of facilities alld the scope of utilizatioll of educatiollalmedia programs ill primary schools. It employed a descriptive survey method. Data were gathered from the Addis Ababa City Admillistratioll Ellucatioll Bureau, ZOllal Educatioll Departmellts allli Primary Schools through questiollllaires, structured illterviews, alld pertillellt referellce documellts from secollliary data sources. The study revealed that decelltralizatioll of educatiollalmellia mallagemellt has begull to occur at regiollal (Educatiollal Media Pallel) level albeit with limited scope ill the substalltive areas of authority over fillallce, recruitmellt alld selectioll of media persollllel, productioll alld distributioll of educatiollalmedia materials. The implemelltatioll of decelltralizatioll alld democratization was judged as low in terms of the type of decelltralizatioll which was foulld to be a combiltatioll of partial decollcelltratioll alllllimited devolutioll of authority to ZOllal, Woreda alld Schoollevels. It was cOllcluded that although there are attempts to decelltralize alUl democratize educatiollal mellia mallagemellt below the Federal level, the extellt at regiollal, ZOllal, woreda alld school level is gellerally weak withill the Adllis Ababa City Admillistratioll Educatioll Bureau. Greater attelltioll ill buildillg regiollal educatiollal media facilities (studio alld broadcastillg statioll), recruitmellt, selectioll alld placemellt of competellt media persollllel, applicatioll of well orgallized staff developmellt alld capacity buildillg schemes for program makers alld school teachers, efforts to illtroduce lIewly emergillg illstructiollal techllology ill prim Illy schools (computer, illteme!, multi-media package), strellgthellillg school milli-media programs, cOlltilluous follow-up alUl evaluatioll of educatiollalmedia programs ill a participatory approach, alld a ullited effort for further rigorous research 011 decelltralizatioll allll democratization of educational media mallagemellt are recommellded.
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