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Title: Audience Reception of “TENAWO BEBETIWO” Television Program: In the perspective of Kombolcha town community
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Agaredech Jemaneh (PHD)
Kalkidan, Hassen
Keywords: ―Tenawo Bebetiwo‖ health television program
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: This research is interested to study ―Tenawo Bebetiwo‖ health television program which is intended to enable the public to have a healthy life style and educate the society about the symptoms, causes, effects, and control and prevention methods of different kinds of diseases. The objective of the study is to examine how audiences of ―Tenawo Bebetiwo‖ television program of Kombolcha town perceive the messages transmitted in the talk show, explore how the talk show addresses the problem of the community and how audiences used the information provided on the program in their day to day life. In order to achieve the research objectives qualitative research method was used and data was collected with a semi-structured interview guide. Focus group discussion and in-depth interview were conducted among audiences of Kombolcha town and snowball and purposive sampling techniques used to get participants of the research. Data found from audiences was triangulated with the interviews of health professionals and producer of Tenawo Bebetiwo program. Finally qualitative thematic analysis was used after interviewdata was coded and categories selected and then four thematic areas were identified and discussed. The finding of the research shows that Tenawo Bebetiwo Program was important program and teaches from home with no cost and audiences perceivedthe program as vital and useful for the community. The topics selected and discussed on the talk show found relevant to the community of Kombolcha town for most of the participants. Audiences explained the lessons learnt from the program includes about disease prevention, symptoms and treatment, healthy life styles and they exercise the lessons of the talk show in daily life negotiating with their own experience and cultural practices. Participants of the research suggested areas to be improvedon the talk show on increasing the duration, changing the schedule of the program, improving telephone communication and promoting the program.
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