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Title: Media As A Public Forum: The Case Of Amhara Mass Media Agency’s ‘Yeketemoch Mederek’ Program
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Zelalem, Alemenew
Keywords: Yeketemoch Mederek program of AMMA
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: This research attempted to examine how Yeketemoch Mederek program of AMMA is serving as a public forum primarily focusing on how the program is contributing to the promotion of good governance and democracy in Amhara Regional State. Yeketemoch Mederek is a radio and TV program produced based on the forum held between city administrators and the society. The forum is organized and chaired by journalists of the media. Thus, the researcher employed qualitative research method. In-depth interview was conducted with 14 purposively selected key informants while records of forums held in two randomly selected towns were reviewed. In the forum, issues related to lack of good governance and problems of infrastructure development were most commonly raised. The study revealed that the program is contributing its part to the promotion of good governance and democracy by adopting the principle of naming and shaming and serving as a bridge between the governors and the society. It also demonstrates these roles by alarming local leaders to be accountable added to creating a platform for the exercise of democracy and creation of awareness. As the findings indicate, the regional government supports the program with an enthusiasm that it could contribute to the promotion of democracy and good governance in the region. The finding also revealed that even though many positive changes were attained as a result of the forum, there are still towns of the region where no significant change was observed. The strength of the program lies in its effort of conducting mini research ahead of the discussion, making follow up stories and being able to manage the discussions properly. On the other hand, an assessment of the weaknesses of the program showed that the program focusing on comments and criticisms against the administrators by giving little emphasis on what is expected from the society. It also fails to give analysis, interpretations, and comments to the problems raised in the forums. Moreover, having no fixed time of transmission on both TV and radio is also the other weakness. The study finally suggested the program to have a fixed time of transmission. Producers of the program shall also invite experts to give analysis, interpretations, and comments to the problems raised in the forums. Media policy makers shall design a policy that compels other media organizations of Ethiopia to incorporate organizing forums as part of their principal duties.
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