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Title: Changes and continuity of african indigenious Religious practice of hoodoo: the case study of Nigeria
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Dechassa Abebe (PhD)
Mariamawit, Bekele
Keywords: Hoodoo, Slavery, continuity, Nigeria, Abrahamic Religions
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Over the years African indigenous religions have increased and diminished in regional importance according to social and political changes. One of the biggest influences on African indigenous religions has been outside cultures. In particular, both Islam and Christianity have affected the practice of African indigenous religions. Hoodoo is one of The African indigenous religions which continued to exist in United States of America than its country of origin which is West Africa. With a small number of respondents, this thesis has made an effort to explore the changes and continuity of Hoodoo from the writers of different articles on the internet, authors of books about Hoodoo or Voodoo also former university lecturers of Nigeria. The head of chancery, administrative attaché, cultural issues officer and Cultural and Heritage Minister who worked in the embassy of Nigeria in Addis Ababa were the key informants for the reputation of this thesis. For this endeavor, a qualitative method of research was emerged in order to realize the circumstance from the participants and key informants points of view. Beneath the qualitative method, a case study was also employed as a precise technique for the research and several case studies was related for that purpose. In-depth interviews with article writes and interviews with the key informants were conducted in order to obtain of adequate information. Alongside with the interviews, that were performed documents were reviewed triangulate the data collected from the interviewees. Findings of the study significantly reveal that Hoodoo is currently diminishing in Nigeria due to the dominant religions of the country. Yet it continues its existence through different techniques in the United States of America without giving the recognition to its place of origin.
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