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Title: Challenges and Coping Mechanisms by Eritrean Women Out of Camp Policy Beneficiaries vis-à-vis their Human Rights in Addis Ababa
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Anchinesh Shiferaw
Kidist Getachew
Keywords: refugees and asylum;Refugees,Coping Mechanisms,Human Rights
Issue Date: Nov-2016
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: People move out to find shelters outside of their country of origin in order to escape from various types of persecutions. In the country of asylum, refugees and asylum seekers may face a different opportunities in which they could get a solution for their causes of flight. Ethiopia as a county of asylum for refugees coming from different countries provide supports and maintains protection and solutions. Out of Camp Policy is one of the strategies that the Ethiopian government grants for Eritrean refugees to live out of the camp with their own means of financial capacities. The study addresses thechallengesof Eritrean Women refugees in the veneration of their human rights and their coping mechanism while residing in Addis Ababa. The study has been conducted through a qualitative research design employing a phenomenological approach using both primary and secondary sources of data. The target groups of the study has been selected by using both purposive and snowball sampling techniques in which the data have been gathered through in-depth and key informant interview as well as FGD. The study found that despite its appreciative packages, the OCP scheme has created room for the violation of rights and challenging environments for women OCP beneficiaries as a result of its non assistance principle. All the problems of the Eritrean women OCP beneficiaries are also emanated from Ethiopia’s’ reservation on the right to work of the 1951 refugee convention.
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