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Title: Implementation of birth registration laws in Addis Ababa: implication for the realization of the rights of the child
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Dr. Mizanie Abate (Assistant professor of law)
Gemechu, Tarekegn
Keywords: Birth registration;Vital Events
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Birth registration a process by which a child birth is recorded in civil registry officially by the government plays a great role in realizing many rights of the child. Accordingly implementation of birth registration starts from enacting law and establishing institutions that deal with the task of registering birth. Many human right treaties like ICCPR,CRC and ACRWC provides birth registration of every child immediately after birth, the right to name, the right to acquire nationality and the right to know and be cared by parents. Ethiopia being a party to the United Nation Convention on the right of the Child has an obligation to develop an effective system of birth registration to realize the right of the child. Consequently, Ethiopia has enacted laws on registration of Vital Events. Based on this the researcher has assessed the implementation of birth registration laws in Addis Ababa and Its implication for the realization of the right of the child based on qualitative method ,for this purpose interview with 8 person from the concerned organs, assessment of international and domestic laws is made. Thus the existing theoretical and practical challenges attached with birth registration are identified. From the practice the researcher envisaged that birth registration law is not effectively implemented much has yet to be done to realize the right of the child. Low level of awareness on the existing law, lack of coordination among organs responsible for implementation, gaps and shortcomings of the law hampered effective implementation of birth registration.
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